Ain’t nobody out there as brave as you

The song,enjoy 🙂

Hard times…

There are a plenty of reasons out there why we smile, and not always out of joy.

And then there are times we are so much in pain we can no longer smile.

You feel so bad to an amount that you even want to end your own life because life does not feel worth living or have no future.

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I am no expert on this field, so I don’t have a clear-cut answer to this.

Nor do I want to lecture anyone, I just want to express my thoughts about it.

But I know this…

The reality is we all (will) face (have faced) difficulties in life, admitted not all to an extent that you want to end your life.

In life we face challenges that test us, either it be an illness, unemployment, divorce, financial debts, the death of a beloved one to name a few.

I know I have…

The question you should ask yourself what is it you willing to do to overcome these difficulties?

Jennifer Kunst, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, says this:

“We are all learning: No one gets it right every time. A more compassionate attitude toward ourselves only helps us to stay in the game. The dynamic process of life — trying, succeeding, failing, and trying again — is the only way to develop lasting confidence in ourselves. We learn through experience that we can both succeed and recover from failure. We also learn to be humble and so to develop a view of ourselves as limited creatures that will always need the help and support of others. No matter how mature or successful we become, the child within always will need mentors and friends who’ll see us through.”

(Source: Psychology Today)

If you face problems you can’t solve yourself, ask a family member, a friend or seek professional help, there are many qualified people out there that can help you.

Don’t feel ashamed if you need help. Seek it. You will thank yourself (and the person who helped you) later for it.

Listen to the voice inside of you and soldier on

As the songs goes…

“A million different voices that are trying to break you… just listen to one. The one that’s inside you and soldier on”

Yes, there are a million voices out there, or even in you, but listen to the one inside of you that says ”I can do it!”

Last but not least, stay yourself.

Till next song (that matters to you),


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