For you I felt love at first sight

Songs that matter to you (or not) — Habibi I Love You

The song, enjoy 😉,

A surprise I was not expecting…

A few days ago, got a friendship request on Facebook from someone I lost track of 25 years ago.
We lost track of each other when my love for her left unanswered. When I was left in that so “dreadful“ friend zone while you are in love with that person.
I wanted a relationship with her.
We shared everything, understood each other just with a look.
It was magic to me. It is like meeting the right person at the right time in my life who I want to spend the rest of my life with.
She made it clear to me that she was not attracted to me that way and only wanted to be friends.
Was afraid she would lose our friendship if the relationship would not work out…
I could not handle that, blew up our friendship…
We both moved on… got married to someone else… live our lives.
Till now…

Photo by Oziel Gómez on Unsplash

For you, I felt love at first sight

Of course I accepted that friendship request, chatted a few minutes ending up on the phone catching up on what happened to us in those last 25 years.
Seems we are in the same boat, ended up divorced, living for years as a single taking care of our children.
We going to meet again. When the pandemic is at a level, we are back allowed to meet one another.
I admit, I am excited! But also nervous… will those feelings come back? Will I try again to capture her heart with a possible second rejection?
Can I just enjoy our friendship this time?
Anyway, looking forward to this. 😉
Last but not least, stay yourself.
Till next song (that matters to you),


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