Vaccine, vaccine…

Songs that matter to you(or not) — Dolly Parton — Jolene

The song, enjoy 😉,

YouTube — Dolly Parton — Jolene

I got my first shot…

8th of May it was my turn (like for many others) to get my first shot of vaccine against the COVID-19 virus that changed our lives the last one year and a half.

I have to wait about 12 weeks for the second shot of Astrazeneca.

I am looking forward to this.

Like Dolly Parton, who for the occasion changed her song “Jolene” into “Vaccine” to encourage people to get their vaccine, I am an advocate of getting your vaccines.

YouTube — Dolly Parton’s sings get vaccine

Conspiracy theories about the coronavirus

Conspiracy theories about the coronavirus have flourished since they declared the global pandemic.

When the coronavirus arrived, they called it a hoax. The vaccine, they said, was the real threat.

I don’t understand this “infodemic”… the spread of the misinformation about the coronavirus and why people are buying this.

The fact is that at the moment I am writing this we have over 157 million infected ones worldwide and over 3,28 million people already died because of this coronavirus. (Source: Google Statistics)

I think I will believe the facts. What about you?

Hoping for “back to normal”

Will life be back to normal after this pandemic? I don’t know…

There’s been a lot of discussion about how society will react to the end of the pandemic.

According to Christakis, a physician, epidemiologist, and sociologist at Yale University, we might see people seeking more social interactions at nightclubs, bars, music festivals and sports games, as well as people relentlessly spending the money they saved up during the pandemic.

When fully vaccinated, I just want to hold my mother, no more SMS messages, phonecalls, just a big hug. Telling I missed her so much…

Last but not least, stay yourself.

Till next song (that matters to you),


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